Our Story

We began as a non-profit organization, installing solar electricity in rural areas. Well found that our projects lacked financial support for maintenance and community leadership, requiring us to consistently raise additional funds. We learned lessons the hard way, finding funding depleted and our projects struggling. In 2013, we created a solution by creating SunSawang as a social enterprise. Instead of providing free solar electricity, villagers pay for a subsidized system on payment plan that includes a five-year warranty for maintenance. We began training local technicians to install and maintain these system, allowing us to create a sustainable business model. Sustainable solar electricity has the power to bring social and economic development to families and communities in the lowest economic contexts. SunSawang is working to make renewable energy affordable and available to rural areas, currently focusing on Tak & Mae Hong Son provinces. We offer a variety of user-friendly products to meet each individual or community need and accommodate each financial situation. We focus on the customer relationship, looking out for their safety, financial security, and development, both today and in the future.


PO Box 23
Mae Sot, Tak

+66 55 534 464